Multiple Sewer Clean-Out Cap Remover for plumbing supply Plumbers-R.V. Oweners-Residential

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THE RUDY TOOL multiple shapes to remove Sewer Clean-Out Caps

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Reliable Sewer Clean-Out Cap Wrench

THE RUDY TOOL is a Sewer Clean-Out Cap remover to include Three Shut-off's.
 Used by  R.V. owener's

When faced without the proper tool while trying to remove Sewer Clean-Out Caps, this tool will surprise anyone how easy and safe to use.

A Strong Dependable Combination Wrench

THE RUDY TOOL is a Sewer Clean-out Cap Subsurface Tool capable of removing 4 and 3 inch Caps.

THE RUDY TOOL out-performs all expatations making SAFETY FIRST for the Plumbers, Residential Owener's, and R.V. Owener's when useing the Wrench on all Sewer Clean-out Caps.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

THE RUDY TOOL is used on 3/4 and 1/2 inch Residential water meter, also the PVC SHUT-OFF'S.

We provide a dependable Safe Product for the Professional Plumbers and Residential home owners, to the R.V. Owner's.

This cost saving Tool is used on Sewer Clean-out  Caps, without the worries of casuing an injury or breaking apart.



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A Safety Subsurface Tool You can depend on

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